Maitreya, the Christ

The long awaited Messiah is finally here!

Moshiach ben David has returned!

The Second Coming of the Christ has occurred!

The Imam Mahdi has reappeared!

The Kalki Avatar has descended!

Moshiach, Mahdi, Kalki, Christ are actually names and titles of the exact same person - the Buddha Maitreya who has come as the Avatar of the New Age, not just for any specific religious group but for all men. But this is definitely NOT the End of the World. Far from it being the end, it will be a whole new glorious beginning.

    • Many Christians believe Jesus will return at the end of the world to take the faithful Christians to heaven in a 'rapture'. Why would God favor Christians over the other 4-5 billion humans - also his children? Why would a 'loving' God allow the world to be destroyed? - it is silly to believe all this. Actually Jesus will indeed return, but the rest of the story is completely untrue.

    • Muslims believe the Imam Mahdi will return as an Arab and lead the Muslims to victory over the unbelievers. Why would God favor Muslims over the other 4-5 billion humans? What is so special about Arabs?- it is just as silly to believe that.

    • Jews believe Moshiach will come and establish a Torah government in Israel which will be the center of the world. Jews may think they are 'chosen', but nobody can seriously believe that G-d prefers them to all the rest of humanity.

    • If God sends a Messiah, he will send one for all of humanity - Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists alike. He will definitely not favor any one group over the other. To believe this is to be deluded by a false sense of superiority (racial or religious) or of being more spiritual or righteous than other people - this is just not true - all individuals and groups are special in their own way, but definitely not more special than other groups.

See recent Corona Virus Update at the bottom.

Benjamin Creme of Share International has been speaking about the imminent open emergence of the Christ to the every day world for several years now. In December 2008, Creme revealed that the coming of Maitreya would be heralded by the appearance of a star in the sky (similar to star that preceded the birth of Jesus). In 2009, thousands of people saw the star (actually four UFOs) in the sky in multiple locations. In 2010, the emergence of Maitreya has finally occurred at last. On February 14th, Creme announced that Maitreya, the Christ had made his first open appearance and given an interview on an American TV show. Since that time, Maitreya has appeared on the same channel at least forty more times (He has also given several interviews on a channel in Mexico, many in Brazil, then in Russia and now in China). He has come incognito without identifying himself as the Christ. According to Creme, "He speaks earnestly of the need for peace, achievable only through the creation of justice and the sharing of the world’s resources."

Maitreya, the Christ, does not come to start a new religion or to have people follow or worship him. He is here to advise and teach, to show humanity a way out of the mess they have created for themselves on Earth. His message to mankind consists of this - without sharing of the world resources there can not be justice; without justice there can not be peace; without peace the world can not survive. He wants humanity to see itself as "One, brothers and sisters, and work together for the good of all". He wants the governments of all countries to guarantee the citizens of the world some basic human needs (food, shelter, health care and education) and also take better care of the planet and its environment. He also wants to correct many misunderstandings that have crept into our various religions about fate, life after death, heaven and hell and reassure men about God's infinite mercy and justice.

Some of the consequences of Maitreya's open presence in the world:

    • The spiritual level of the world will rise considerably - this also means unjust institutions, organizations, regimes will have difficulty surviving. The unjust, capitalistic financial and economic world order will be one of the first things to collapse. Undemocratic, dictatorial governments like China, North Korea, Burma, Iran will have to change. Neo-imperialistic, colonial bullies and racist, apartheid regimes like Israel will also be affected. Paradoxically, the worst of these offenders will be amongst the last to succumb (but when they do, it will be in a big way). Luckily for Americans, the US under the Obama administration has stopped bullying other countries - at least not too much (however, the US still has a lot of karma to payoff).

    • The resolution of karma (individual, group, national karma), will accelerate. This may mean natural disasters (earthquakes, storms, floods etc) or even man-made ones for areas which need to be cleansed of their bad karma.

    • Even in your personal life, if you have been getting away with murder (figuratively speaking of course), that will probably end presently. Expect any free rides or any situations where you have been able to take advantage of others (or you have been taken advantage of), to end soon. In other words, everyone's chickens will come home to roost.

    • A major effect will be a stark division amongst all people - those who accept and respond positively to Maitreya's message of love and brotherhood and those who reject and rebel against it. There will be no place for any middle ground. This is the result of the so-called Sword of Cleavage. As Creme says "Maitreya’s Sword of Cleavage brings this black and white confrontation before humanity so that we see it clearly, sharply, with no woolly edges. We take one side or the other." People and nations will essentially be divided sharply into groups of two types (goats and sheep, Matthew 25:32-33):

      • Those who believe in unity, brotherhood and sharing amongst people and nations regardless of ethnicity, religion or nationality

      • Those who prefer division, exclusivity, non-cooperation, selfish agendas (with views like - I like my healthcare and I don't care that you don't have any OR immigrants should go back where they came from OR my values/beliefs are better than yours OR we are so morally superior and righteous that we can invade your country and replace the government).

      • This stark division in humanity is exemplified by two groups that have emerged in the US - the Tea Party organization and Occupy Wallstreet movement. Both groups are angry about the injustice in the world and the powerlessness we all feel while trying to change it. However, each group reacts to this anger in a different way. One group is exclusive - it targets, scapegoats the weak, the disadvantaged and vulnerable elements in society (immigrants, the poor, the unemployed) at the same time rejecting government regulation and restriction of the rich and powerful. The second group is inclusive and defends the weak, the poor and vulnerable and seeks to rein in the power and wealth of the rich and powerful. The first group is almost purely selfish and even racist. The second is even ready to include the first group in its deliberations and activities. The first group has its counterparts around the world, but not with exactly the same objectives. The second group has given rise to similar movements all around the world. There should of course be no doubt about which side the Masters (or the 'Gods') are on.

You can decide for yourself which side is 'good' and which side is 'evil'. However, good and evil are not valid descriptions - nobody on earth is purely good or purely evil, but it should be clear which side the Christ prefers.

Note that the consequences above are the natural result of the Christ's presence in the world. They are a result of the energy of Love that emanates from Him - not actually caused by some specific act of will or power on His part.

The initial television appearances in the U.S. have been followed by TV interviews in Mexico, Brazil and Russia. Soon there will be appearances in Japan, Europe and elsewhere. Within a year or at most two years, Maitreya will be well known and accepted by a majority of the people of the world. Once many people respond to his message and begin to recognize him as the Christ, Maitreya will declare himself as the Avatar of the Age, the World Teacher, on the Day of Declaration. Soon after that Maitreya will be joined by the Avatar of the Previous Age - Jesus.

Note: If you even partially believe in this, please pass the news on to a friend - this is the Christ's explicit injunction to all of us.

Update 2/8/2011: An ethereal figure in white riding a white horse through the crowds gathered in Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt, has been seen by many and even captured on video : . Benjamin Creme confirms that the Rider on the White Horse was Maitreya, the Christ giving a blessing in order to show the immensity of what the Egyptian people are doing, and that he is with them in their struggle for justice and freedom.

Download the video here . Maitreya has assured us that ultimately 'People Power' will triumph over despotic governments or a powerful military-industrial complex.

Update 7/2/2012: Here He is again rescuing a wounded Syrian demonstrator - .

Update 10/6/2012: A miracle girl in Kabul has words from the Koran appear on her face and hands - . According to Creme this is a sign from the Mahdi/Maitreya that he will appear openly soon.

Possible reactions of the world's religions to the Coming of Maitreya, the Christ:

  • Christianity - Christians will have great difficulty in accepting Maitreya. They are all waiting for the return of Jesus, not some other Son-of-God. Even worse, Maitreya will come as a Muslim. This will make it very difficult for most Christians to accept him as a Messiah. However, I have high hopes for the new Pope - he is a very open-minded as well as genuinely spiritual. I am sure he will recognize Maitreya for what he is - a new Avatar for the Age of Aquarius. (The previous Pope, the one who resigned, would have been a disaster. He would have refused to recognize the Christ. In fact, Ratzinger had been made aware of this story many years ago while he was a Cardinal and just ignored it.) However, even if the current Pope acknowledges the authenticity of Maitreya as an Avatar sent by God, many of his bishops will refuse to go along, since it is a Catholic dogma that Jesus is the one and only begotten Son of God. There will be a great schism in the Catholic Church - it will in fact split into two - those who accept Maitreya as the Christ and those who continue to wait for the 'real' Christ.

  • Islam - It would seem that it should be easy for Muslims to accept Maitreya since he will come as a Muslim. But that will not be so. Muslims are even more rigid in their beliefs than Christians. They expect the Imam Mahdi to be an Arab and descendant of Muhammad. Maitreya will not come as an Arab, but as a Pakistani. Some may say that he could be a Sayyid (a distant descendant) and accept him. The real problem will be that Maitreya will not promote or favor Islam over other religions. In fact he may not even talk very much about religions or may suggest that everyone just follow the one they were born with. This will not be tolerated by most Muslims - so again there will a major schism - those who accept Maitreya and those Muslims who do not.

    • Update 12/28/2016: Recently, I have come across an Arabic site that seems to be aware of this story: There are several errors on the website, but the overall message is sound and truthful. It is recommended reading for all muslims. As the site implies, many of the contemporaries of both Muhammad and Jesus will be reborn in this period in order to aid the Mahdi/Maitreya in his mission.

    • Update 11/21/2017: A recent video upload by the same group above maybe interesting and perhaps significant: 'Coming Soon - A Live Speech from Imam Mahdi'

  • Judaism - The fact that Maitreya will come as a Muslim will be even more difficult for Jews than for Christians. Many of them will reject the Messiah a second time around. Secular or liberal Jews may be the only ones to accept him.

  • Hinduism - Hindus will have great difficulty accepting a Muslim as an Avatar. But they have been through this before. Shirdi Sai Baba appeared in India as a Muslim in the nineteenth century. Eventually he was accepted by millions of Hindus as an Avatar (although most of them waited till he had died). Hopefully they will not wait that long this time. However, there will still be a large number of Hindus who refuse to accept a Muslim Avatar.

  • Buddhism - They will have the same difficulty as Hindus. However, if the Dalai Lama accepts Maitreya as a Bodhisattva, the acceptance by all Buddhists should be fairly rapid.

  • Bahais, Ahmadis - The problem for these two groups is that they believe that the Imam Mahdi has already come and gone. That he was the leader of their own sects. I don't really understand why these two groups believe that their respective leaders who have had a relatively small impact on the world, is the Avatar of the Age. It will take some time for these groups to accept that the basis of their religious beliefs needs to be changed so radically.

    • Atheists/Skeptics - The coming of the Avatar will be a devastating blow to these people. They are as invested in their non-belief as any fundamentalist Christian or Muslim is in his belief. The fact that someone is intellectually superior to themselves or their species is anathema to them. They will not give up their beliefs (or non-belief) easily. They will claim that it is all a trick and a lie. They will say that the voice of Maitreya they heard in their heads was merely some kind of illusion or even some high frequency electronic signal. They will claim that all believers who heard it were subject to mass hysteria and all the miraculous healings taking place are just a placebo effect. Some of them may literally go crazy because of this severe blow to their belief system.

Timeline of the Christ's Emergence:

    • 1945 - Immediately after the end of WWII, the Christ announced that he would himself come to the world instead of through a disciple as he had done previously

    • 1971 - He starting creating a body for use while in the world. This body looks human but is practically indestructible and can appear/disappear at will.

    • July 7, 1977 - The Christ descended from the Himalayas into the plains of Pakistan

    • July 19, 1977 - The Christ arrived and took up residence in London. Although he comes as a Muslim, in London he lives in Hindu temples among other Hindu monks. He is also present physically in his ashram in Mysore, India.

    • Early 1986 - The Christ met with officials at the BBC at the highest level multiple times. Jesus was present at one of the meetings. The Christ convinced them of his authenticity by showing them various visions. The BBC decided to take the case to the Queen (as Head of the Church) who conferred with her priests (including the Archbishop of Canterbury). The bishops decided that this was not the real Christ and so the story was buried by the BBC.

    • Early 1987 - The Christ had an interview with a crew at CNN (in this he did not claim to be the Christ). The interview was not broadcast in the US.

    • 11 June 1988 - The Christ appeared suddenly before 6,000 people at a prayer meeting in Nairobi, Kenya. He gave a talk and then disappeared. Photos were taken and several articles appeared in the local newspapers.

    • 21 and 22 April 1990 - An international conference was held at which the Christ presided. Some 200 dignitaries were able to accept Maitreya’s invitation over two days. Among the guests were an Ambassador and other diplomats; members of Parliament; religious representatives, including a Bishop and a representative from the Vatican who had already met Maitreya and was totally convinced He was the Christ; a King and other lesser royals; professors; scientists; industrialists; and about 40 journalists. During this time, a documentary film was made in which Maitreya talked about His plans and teachings, His mission and hopes for the world. It was accepted for showing on a major television network in the United States, but was never broadcast.

    • Beginning in September 1991, Maitreya began appearing miraculously to fundamentalist gatherings of approximately 500–900 people throughout the world. He typically spoke to the group in their own language, outlining His plans and concerns and asking for their help and co-operation. In some cases, photos of Maitreya are taken. In each case, the vast majority of those in attendance believe they have seen the Christ (or for Hindus, Krishna, and for Muslims, the Imam Mahdi). Maitreya has appeared in Mexico, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Middle East, North Africa, India, Pakistan, former Czechoslovakia, Serbia, Scotland, Romania, Norway and Italy, as well as the United States

    • On 14 January 2010 Benjamin Creme announced that Maitreya had given His first interview, on American television

    • In February 2011, he appeared in Tahrir Square, Egypt to encourage the Egyptians in their uprising.

    • In 2012, he was video taped in Syria while saving a wounded man.

    • Maitreya has since given a series of interviews in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, China, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and India

    • Soon after BRExit, on 6 July 2016 and on 21 July 2016 at approximately 11.45am (UK time) a special blessing was given to the people of England; it lasted between 15 and 30 minutes in each case. This was a sort of practice run for the Day of Declaration when the Christ will over-shadow all of humanity.

    • Perhaps the US will also soon experience such a blessing after the trauma of the November election.

Note: It has taken the Christ so long to emerge because he has to be careful not to infringe on human free will by revealing himself before humanity is ready to receive him.

Update 11/09/2016: I never put much store in the biblical prophesy that the Second Coming of the Christ needs to be preceded by the rise of the Anti-Christ. But today we have a excellent candidate for that position. Donald Trump has been elected as President of the US - the most powerful position in the world. If that prophesy is correct then Trump definitely fits the bill for being the Anti-Christ (Some have speculated that the Anti-Christ is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, but he is really unimportant with very little real power). Actually the real Anti-Christ was Hitler, but Trump is fulfilling the role of a mini one, just before the Second Coming. Trump is not really that evil, but he is ignorant, stupid and juvenile enough to commit evil deeds. The world will suffer much under his reign, mainly with regards to trade and climate change. The US itself will suffer in more ways. We may have to deal with that until the Christ's total emergence is complete - hopefully not too long a wait now.

Update 01/04/2020: The new Netflix series, Messiah is fascinating. It is possible that the writers of the script have heard of the Maitreya story, because on the surface the stories are very similar. However, there are some major differences: Maitreya will be far more powerful than the one portrayed in the TV series, but he won't pull stunts like walking on water. He will only perform productive, useful miracles like healing hundreds of people, if not thousands. He won't lead anybody into the desert or leave them to starve. He won't be ambiguous in his teachings or speak in riddles. He will speak to people on TV so that the whole world can see and hear him at the same time. Maitreya does not have any brother or even a naturally born human body. Also Maitreya is much taller than the actor on TV. However, just like in the series, the US military/CIA, Israel, fundamentalist churches/religious organizations will try to suppress the story and even try to assassinate him, but they will fail because he is essentially indestructible.

Update 03/15/2020: The Corona Virus pandemic has now hit the whole world. This is indeed a tragic thing causing immense suffering and many deaths around the world, but it may be the turning point that facilitates the emergence of the Christ. People finally will not be occupied with consuming/buying stuff and entertaining themselves (with celebrity scandals, football scores etc), but have to stop and think about their own survival as well as the suffering of others. It is totally wrong to think of such a natural disaster as 'an Act of God'. The 'Gods' don't cause natural disasters or pandemics. These calamities are caused by natural forces and the karma of all of humanity (as well as karma of individual nations). Americans after experiencing the shortage of goods (especially medicine), will finally understand the suffering they cause when Trump and his overfed minion Pompeo 'sanction' small defenseless countries like Cuba, Venezuela, Iran etc or keep refugees at the border without sufficient resources/facilities. The financial collapse in the Western world will finally change the balance of finance and power between east and west. Soon the Christ will reveal himself to help us out of this mess.

Update 01/05/2022: The Christ declares in Matthew 31-46 that when he returns he will not only divide humanity into two groups (the goats and the sheep), but that he will cast the goats into the 'eternal fire prepared for the devil and the angels'. The division into two groups has already taken place all over the world. But what about the 'punishment' for the goats? I hope he was just speaking metaphorically, but he did indicate that the goats would be banished in some form. In the US, UK, Canada and some parts of Western Europe, the goats have already facilitated their own banishment by becoming anti-vaccine and risking early death. In the rest of the world, especially the middle east and South Asian, I am afraid there may be a more violent clash (between goats and sheep) where the goats will be eliminated. China may also face a similar civil war and mass elimination (here the goats are the fanatical, authoritarian members of the CCP).

Update 05/07/2022: The war in Ukraine has reached a dangerous phase. Of course, the invasion of Ukraine by Russia under Putin was an illegal and criminal act, but the US and NATO are also acting irresponsibly. Arming Ukraine so that it can defend itself is fully justified, but the US and NATO should be facilitating negotiations and encouraging a cease-fire leading to a peaceful resolution. Instead by encouraging Ukraine to fight to the bitter end, they may have backed Putin into a corner. Putin may feel compelled to use tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine to ensure some sort of victory. In this event, the Christ may be forced to emerge immediately to prevent a nuclear holocaust. But it would a permanent mark of shame for humanity that we needed him to intervene in this way. It would be better if he came to inaugurate the new age and help us in our difficulties with climate change or mass starvation rather than to stop a collective nuclear suicide. If this happens humanity will have pretty much failed as a race.

Interesting note: The 'gods' predicted in 1992, that NATO would eventually become the military arm of the United Nations, tasked with maintaining peace and preventing aggression across the world. Even Russia and China would then join in this effort (although their current regimes may have to fall first). 'Realists' like Mearsheimer will probably be quite surprised by this development. 'Anti-war' people like Jeffrey Sachs or Marxists like Vijay Prashad will also be shocked that the 'gods' don't buy into their 'peace/appeasement-at-all-costs' ideology.

Update 05/14/2022: Goats Gone Wild! The US Supreme Court is about to overturn federal legalization of abortion. Texas is prosecuting parents of trans children for child 'abuse'. Louisiana is contemplating charging women who have abortions with homicide. A racist shooter in Buffalo kills ten - mostly black people. The Taliban are enforcing burqa on all women. Hindu fundamentalists are attacking Muslims and destroying their homes. Israel just assassinated a Palestinian-American journalist! What is going on? The Christ predicted that when He returns humanity would be divided into 'goats' and 'sheep'. As his return gets closer and closer, the goats have started to get more extreme in identifying themselves as haters of everyone who are not like themselves, even if the 'others' are just people of a different gender and especially those of different religious beliefs. The Goats are offended by the happiness and freedom of anyone who they believe is transgressing 'divine' or 'natural' law . The Goats are willing to meet such transgressions with force. Only the return of the Christ will curb their violence and hate.

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